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Dapatkan diskon murah 300K hanya di Telaga Waja Bali Rafting
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Telaga Waja Rafting

With it's specific current, clean water, natural views and soft rapids Telaga Waja River has becoming more and more popular among the adventure seekers on Bali to experience the thrill of holidays, which is combination between local people activities as a farmer and nature beuaty along the riverside and flows. White water rafting, which was introduced by Sobek, an American adventurous lover in 1980s into Bali has become popular holiday addition for Tourist Adventure Attraction in Bali. In the beginning Ayung River Rafting is the most popular adrenal trigger for travelers, yet on later development Telaga Waja River rafting has exceeded the popularity. The existence of Telaga Waja River has been a blessing to the people of Kabupaten Karangasem, an area on the east part of Bali which was ever flourishing kingdom in 18th century whose emporium up to the island of Lombok and Sumbawa. Since the immemorial time the people of this Kabupaten has no water source for daily life, but since 2008 after Mr. Geredeg sits as head of the Kabupaten a massive project to bring the water of Telaga Waja River to the people of Karangasem has become a reality.
Telaga Waja Rafting Bali
BCR Telaga Waja River now become the best rafting company in Bali, the easy access from start point just walk down around 10 meteres from car parking areas, you already at rafting start point main building where the welcome drinks are prepare for you, during having welcome drink you can enjoy the rafting video and rice field and mountain hill with tropical rain forest. Also when after 2 hours on the river of Telaga Waja, you will walk up to get our Rafting restaurant which is located in the end valley of clove plantation overlooking the hills, rice terraces and green plantation and tropical rain forest make your body come fresh and breathaking areas during having our delicious buffet hot menu. Fresh Beer and Soft drinks are available on extra cost and pay directly to ourrestaurant cashier.
Telaga Waja Rafting Bali
Why Choosing Rafting ?
Rafting is an adventure trip with softer grade and what is the first is about its fun like playing with friends and nature we appreciate the greatness of nature and its mystery still convey to us until today. Although it is classified as soft adventure but it can also trigger our adrenalin with its current alternating speed, some with slow, some fast and even rapids. The most important is that all involve in rafting fun then understand the meaning of nature preservation, because the interest of nature is when it can be enjoyed as it is without damage by human or nature itself. Bukit Cilli Rafting company fully aware of the important of preserving the nature and with the existence of this activity on the river the participation in nature preservation is hope to increased year by year. Bali is known for their hospitality and openness to other nations, this can still be found around the rafting route with rubber boat around 2 hours from the start until finish. There is up walking at pinish point from the river to our restaurant, around over 100 stairs but you can walk slowly and all rafting in Telaga Waja has the same condition, the only our rafting company has restaurant with parking areas on the same place, after having meals you just get in to the car, but another rafting company after having meals their guest have to walk up again to reach their transportation

Telaga Waja Rafting Bali

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