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Bali is popular with culture activities as every aspect of life always related with traditional Balinese Way of Life, Balinese dances, traditional gamelan, temple ceremony, cremation and etc. Balinese is the only people of the archipelago that consistent with their ancestor's ideal, while others have converted into Islam of Christian. This belief is basically Hindu from India mixed with local original heritage which born quiet different concept compared to what happed with it's birth land in India. The Hindu in Bali is known as Hindu Dharma which counts 99% of the total population. In the life of religion Balinese showing great tolerance and pluralistic character as it is also reflected in religious life, although in large part of it practiced on ritual aspects. Within the practice of ritual itself there are various interpretations having going on for decades without dot of conflict, except when an interpretation endangered life of people do it will be considered criminal instead of religious practice. Politically Bali can be periodisized as Ancient Bali from 882 AD to 1345 AD when Bali was ruled by Balinese king with the royal name of Warmadewa dynasty, from 1345 to 1651 when Bali was ruled by Great Majapahit kingdom ruled by Majapahit official of Sri Kresna Kepakisan with the royal name Dewa Agung, and around end of 17th century until 1945 kingdom of Bali broken into at least 10 small kingdoms each ruled by king's Baudanda ( region controller seat in the palace ). Among those Baudandas are king's families and from the army head ( Arya ) with the royal name I Gusti Agung, and after the colonization of Bali I Gusti Agung or I Gusti Ngurah Agung title changed by the Dutch with Anak Agung or Cokorda, which is still used until today. Some of king's families ruling until independence also given the royal title as Anak Agung, while king of Bali was called Sesuhunan. The breakage of Bali into small kingdoms also arising big number of temples, deriving the concept of main Bali kingdom under I Dewa Agung with 3 main temples that are temple built on the beach, in the town and on the mountain ( Bali : Segara - Jagatnatha - Gunung ). Each small kingdom also created this 3 temples to be considered the same level to Bali main kingdom. At the lowest social unit called Desa Adat also created 3 temples called tri kahayangan correlated with 3 manifestations of god as creator - controller - deconstructor known as tri-murti. After independence these 9 kingdoms are changed into Kabupaten administration under the Province government.

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