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Bali Classic Center Tour
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Bali Classic Center 

Bali Classic Center (BCC Bali mini) is one of the tourism destinations, describes about Bali as 3 whole and detail (involves many kinds of Balinese classic dances, classic traditional Balinese way of life, classic handicrafts, narrator and pupeter of Balinese traditional shadow plays, various kinds of classic statues that contain historic values and religion of Hindu). There are mahy more about Balinese culture those are not explained yet, in this brochure that can be seen in Bali Classic Center (Bali mini). There are natural place and has building architecture of original Balinese characteristic.

Bali Classic Center Special Package Tour
Tour will be taken around 1 hour including the show dances, it will be accompanied by Bali Classic Center (BCC Bali Mini) officer, sightseeing around the area Bali Classic Center to see how the Balinese family activities. Walking around in the area Bali Classic Center (BCC Bali Mini) enjoying traditional classical lifestyle Balinese culture and describing their culture history that good spirit ispiring for the daily activities.

Bali Classic Center Open Stage and Tribune
Its Balinese style wide of peacefully open stage with a beautiful gate and full of stone carvings as a back ground, the podium with 280-350 seatings capacity its classical building full of gold paint ornament. Begin a memorable romantic tropical climate at the Bali Classic Center stage for a culture lunch or dinner show in our unique open air theater where traditional Balinese dances are performed, daily show dances performances such as cendrawasih dance, barong macan dance, jauk manis dance, dance together with joged bumbung dancer.

Kelebutan Restaurant
The Kelebutan Restaurant is at adjacent spectacular river with the sound of rooming with water from the surrounding fish ponds ad fountains and the charming natural beauty of Balinese plant life. And the name inspires selections of exotic and delicious Eastern dishes are combined with an extensive blend of western flavors. The Kelebutan Restaurant also served a good authentic Balinese cuisine including detecable crispy fried duck, bebek and chicken betutu, seafood, and vegetarian dishes.

Bar and Lounge
Is an ideal place to quebcg the thirst while showing the Balinese Classic Dance performance, provide variety on tropical fruit juice and alcoholic beverage

Meeting and Conference Room
Bali Classic Center (BCC Bali Mini) is proudly offer of meeting facilities comfortably accommodation from 30 up to 100 people. Bali Classic Center (BCC Bali Mini) also provide for conferences with a natural place and classical building full of gold paint ornament, there capacity comfortably accommodate until 400 theather sheet

Fishing Area
Fishing is a good hobby you can do at Bali Classic Center (BCC Bali Mini) to make into good competition to catch some fish and grill directly for happy party with your group

Family Gathering Package
Having a Birthday party, wedding reception, anniversary and any other family party in Bali Classic Center (BCC Bali Mini) will get the un forgetable memory in your life with the natural place and architecture Balinese building

Workshop Package
Bali Classic Center has a special venue. We can handle for learning Balinese orchestra, Balinese dancing, painting, Balinese cooking lesson, and any others Balinese activities.

A Rent Balinese Costume for Photo Taking
After looking around at Bali Classic Center (BCC Bali Mini) more better to continue using the Balinese Traditional costume become good fill as the Classic Balinese people. Just a few minutes for changing a costume, please take a picture until fill satisfied into good memorable.

Special Event
Bali Classic Center special event has an open stage with a rice field few. The capacity around 1500 sheets on the lanc of 35 acres, we provide place for the team building, outbound, hooting and have a special dinner more than 1000 paxs.

Decription 1-10 pax 11-30 pax 31-up pax
package Tour including welcome drink, face towel, workshop and Lunch Menu I US$ 50,00 US$ 45,00 US$ 40,00
Price includes :
~ AC Transport with driver only for Kuta/Nusa Dua/Sanur/Ubud areas
~ Welcome Parade Procession from Parking to Lobby (min 10 pax)
~ Welcome drink
~ Insert flowers
~ Fresh and Cold Face Towel
~ Welcome dance (Sekar Jagat Dance)
~ Tour around BCC Bali Mini Area
~ Balinese Rijstafel Lunch (1-20 pax)
~ Balinese Buffet Lunch (30-up pax)
~ Balinese dance performance (4 type different legong)
~ Workshop Activities (8 choices/choose 1 item)
~ tea time with Balinese sweet snack
~ tax and service charge
For more information please fill this form booking atau minta informasi

Jl. Trenggana no 81 A, Denpasar, BALI
t : +62-361-463448, 463447
f : +62-361-463447
24 Hours services Mobile phone : 0878 613 92784
PIN BB : 26818B71

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