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The Ayu Kintamani offer luxurious villas accommodation at Toya Bungkah (STA) Lake Batur Bali
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The Ayu Kintamani ***

The Ayu Kintamani is located at Toya Bungkah deserves to earn recognition and admiration for its peculiar features. Lying on the western shore of Lake Batur, along the roller-coaster road from Kedisan o Songan, this small village might have been one of Bali's well-kept treasures. Majestic scenery of surrounding nature, a natural hot spring widely believed to have therapeutic merits, and a black-sand beach make Toya Bungkah the most interesting site around Batur crater area. The village becomes a preference of stop-over for travelers who climb Mount Batur. Enrich your cultural experience by visiting Trunyan village. Take an overland trip from Penelokan up to Kedosan village. Then, continue the trip by taking a boat to cross the Lake Batur. Derived from the words 'teru' (tree) and 'menyan' (fragrance), Trunyan is a remote village inhabited by Bali Aga (traditional Balinese) that holds its reputation for its one-of-a-kind funeral ritual. Instead of cremating the dead, as most Balinese do throughout the island, the Trunyan residents leave the dead bodies to decompose naturally in a special cemetery. A huge teru menyan (the tree of fragrance) releases aromatic scent from its roots which will prevent the corpses to produce unpleasant odour. Covered with thrilling mystical aura, this is absolutely not a place for the fainthearted. Natural hot spring is one of the greatest nature's blessings. The spring is formed when water gets heated by geothermal energy and emerges onto the earth's surface after making its way through the rocks which are at the interior part of the earth's crust. The water then gathers and pools at places known as hot springs found all over the crust of the earth, one of them located at Toya Bungkah village, Kintamani. For centuries, ancient Greeks, traditional Native Americans, and Chinese medicines have revealed the miracle of this colourless and odourless water. The heat and subsequent sweating have a deeply cleansing effect on our skin and entire body-mind system. The hot temperature also has benefit of soothing aching muscles. The overall effect of soaking in hot spring tends to be a relaxing one, so unnecessary stress and tension can be dissolved. Containing specific minerals such as Bromine, Calcium, Fluorine, Sodium, Lithium, Phosphorus, Manganese, Iron, Arsenic, and Radium, hot spring has potential therapeutic advantages in curing illnesses and injuries, and also improving healthiness. Revitalizing effects on cells and tissues, improving blood circulation, purifying the blood by eliminating toxins through sweat, healing chronic respiratory disorders such as asthma, bronchitis, and sinusitis; curing skin conditions like eczema and dermatosis, increasing brain activity and strengthening bones, and treating fungal infections of the foot. Be the next person to discover the astounding power of natural hot spring as you take a comfortable dip.

The Ayu Kintamani has many kind of villa suites for your stay. Choose from five suites available, each with different names: Mandhur Milan, Sanjoli, Sahavas, Rattyoga and Raslila. Since we do not compromise excellence, all five deluxe suites possess the same high quality accommodation. We provide a living room, a bedroom, a bathroom with standing shower in open space, a private pool, and a jacuzzi with natural hot spring. For your enjoyment, please utilize in-room facilities such as air conditioning, cable TV, mini-bar, safety box, coffee and tea maker, hair dryer, and free internet access. Moreover, take a look outside and enjoy breathtaking views of Lake Batur and Mount Abang.
Deluxe Suite, Our deluxe suites come with superior level of luxury, sophistication, and comfort that will change your perception of 'a room to stay'. Feel the nice warm atmosphere as you unwind and doing relaxing activities. Just make yourself at home.
Executive Suite, For you who require a greater quality of stay, our Executive Suite will fulfill your need. Relish your lazy time in the largest open space living room of all suites. Who says you can't have fun by roaming the room all day long?
Honeymoon Suite, For newlywed couple, our Honeymoon Suite is a perfect love nest to celebrate sacred union. The undoubtedly level of serenity and privacy, along with the magnificence of surrounding nature are guaranteed to occupy your every moment with romance.
Royal Suite, Our two Royal Suites are right up there with all the grandeur, giving you a delicate sensation of staying in a small palace. The two bedrooms will surely double the pleasure. The experience of sojourn has never been better.

The Ayu Kintamani offers some guest activities such as :
Eco-Adventure Tours, Do you know that having a dose of fun adventure can be parallel with appreciating and preserving the nature? We provide an exciting tour that will raise your environmental awareness. Make sure to participate in various activities dedicated to the devotion to Mother Nature. A green adventure to know and cherish your surroundings.
Temples & Sightseeing Tours, Recharge your spirituality by visiting temples in Kintamani. Grab the unspeakable mystical and magical ambiance flowing from the holy sites. Moreover, if you are looking for something to indulge your sense of sight and broaden your horizons as well, our sightseeing tour will take you to places that will stick in your mind for a long time.
Yoga Session, Achieve the balance of your body, mind, and soul by taking part in yoga session. Attain complete awareness and tranquility through a course of physical exercises and certain postures. We will guide you to enter the ultimate well-being.
In-Villa Spa, You will surely find a great comfort as you unwind in the suite. But we have something more that will take your relaxation to the next level. How about having refreshing in-villa spa treatments to rejuvenate your physical and mental conditions? What an irresistible offer.

Room type Publish Rate ++ Our Net price
Deluxe Suite (2 persons) US$ 250.00 US$ 235.00
~ Sucharge : US$ 40.00/room/night during 1 June-31 Aug.
~ Surcharge : US$ 75,00/room/night during Idul Fitri Period
~ Surcharge : US$ 100,00/room/night during 20 Dec-5 Jan
~ Our net price includes : breakfast and 21% government tax and service charge and only valid with reservation and payment made through us in advance through bank transfer or credit card through paypal bill online. Payment through paypal the rate will be converted into USD with exchange rate calculated by Paypal International.

For Booking, please fill this form booking atau minta informasi

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Jl. Trenggana no 81 A, Denpasar, BALI
Telphone : 087861704111 / 087861392784 / 081237549257
PIN BB : 26818B71
email :

Kami juga menawarkan harga special untuk wisata arung jeram (Rafting) di sungai telaga waja dengan harga special sangat murah untuk wisatawan khusus domestic di harga Rp 250.000/orang sudah termasuk transport antar jemput serta makan siang.
Jangan lewatkan wisata yang amat menarik dan menantang ini di sungai terbaik yang ada di Bali, sungai telaga waja lewat perusahaan kami.

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The Ayu Kintamani
The Ayu Kintamani
The Ayu Kintamani
The Ayu Kintamani
The Ayu Kintamani
The Ayu Kintamani
The Ayu Kintamani
The Ayu Kintamani
The Ayu Kintamani