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Beyond Bali Package Tours is one of our marketing tool to provide more information for the visitor who want to explore Bali and beyond. There are many the best tourist site available in Indonesia start from Sumatra island, Java island, Lombok island, Flores Island, Sumba Island, Celebes or Sulawesi Island, Borneo or Kalimantan island and Irian jaya or Papua Island, the most interesting places are lake toba in Sumatra, Yogyakarta in java, Komodo as 7th wonder of the world in Flores island, Camp leaky in Borneo, Toraja Land in South Sulawesi and Baliem Valley in Irian Jaya or Papua Island.
Lake Toba is the home of Batak Toba people with religion Protestant Christian. Lake Toba is one of Sumatra's most spectacular sights, it occupies the caldera of a giant volcano that collapsed in on itself after a cataclysmic eruption about 100.000 years ago.
Yogyakarta is the heart of Javanese Culture, easy access to explore Javanese culture, craft industries such as batik, silver, pottery and wayang kulit are easily visited, traditional Javanese performing arts can readily be seen and the contemporary arts are also flourishing, Yogyakarta is also good based to explore tourist attraction nearby such as Borobudur Temple and Prambanan Hindu Temple also dieng Plateau and sister city of Solo

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bali tours bali tours bali tours

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