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Trekking to Tenganan pegeringsingan village
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Tenganan Trekking Tour 

Tenganan Pegeringsingan Village is one of the 3 main Ancient Village or Bali Aga (traditional Balinese) villages is located at eastern part of Bali at Karangasem Regency. Tenganan Pegeringsingan has a unique cultural history and a special weaving tradition which is called Gringsing. Tenganan Pegeringsingan population almost upto 600 peoples with Hindu Indra follower and has own land property upto 924Ha, and locals are forbidden to marry outside of the village. If they do, they are banished from the village forever. A Tenganan local once told me that there are really 3 parts to the village, the western part, which is the proper part, the north eastern part which is where exiled locals go, and the south eastern part, where outsiders, Javanese and other Balinese live. Tenganan village is geographically situated among the hill in west and east part of this village. This village is located in Manggis sub district and Karangasem Regency or about 1 hour drive from Denpasar Town. It is a small village consisted of three Banjars (group of local community) those are Banjar Kauh, Banjar Tengah and Banjar Pande. The regional of this village is consisted of three complexes those are resident, plantation and rice field complex. The history of Tenganan village is expressed in a few versions. The first version is mentioned that the resident of Tenganan village are come from Paneges Village, a village is located near with Bedahulu Village that is located Gianyar Regency. The second version is expressed that word of Tenganan recognized in one of Bali inscription that was written by the word of Tranganan. The third version is expressed that the Tenganan Village Resident prays to the Bukit Lempuyang Temple. The word of Tenganan is ascribed by a Tengah root word which can mean to aim to middle of Pegringsingan, the fasten cloth type weave that is typically produce by Tenganan village resident. The structure of resident in Tenganan village is built in linear consisted of six rays. Each of ray consisted of some lawn broadly, the building form where the local community use it to present the handicraft for tourists. All the tradition existences of the human being are harmoniously with the God, human and environment as according to Tri Hita Karana concept. The Tourism Destination of Tenganan remains to draw during the time, goodness as tourism cultural object, tourism nature and agriculture tourism. There are some versions of story telling us the history of Tenganan village. Some say that the word Tenganan was derived from the word "tengah" or "ngatengahang" which means, "move to the inner area". This derivation of word was having a relation with the movement of the villagers from the seaside to a rural area, in which the position of this village is in the middle of hills, which are western hill (Kauh Hill) and eastern hill (Kangin Hill). Another version reveals that the people of Tenganan came from Peneges village, located in Gianyar, precisely near Bedahulu. Based on the folklore, once upon a time Bedahulu King lost one of his horses. The people looked for it to the east and the horse was finally found dead by Ki Patih Tunjung Biru, the King's right hand. For his loyalty, the King finally gave Ki Patih Tunjung Biru an authority to govern the land as far as the aroma of the carrion of the horse can be smelled. Ki Patih was an intelligent person, so he cut the carrion into pieces and spread it as far as he could. Thus he received a quite large area. Visitors will feel comfortable when visiting this area, for some facilities are available here, like food stalls, good toilets, arts shops and a quite large parking area There is no entrance fee to Tenganan but a small donation is requested as we enter the village.

Program :
Minimum 2 persons
Tenganan Trekking (B)
US$ 60,00/person
Tenganan Trekking + Rafting Telaga Waja (B/L)
US$ 95,00/person

All above price is included :
~ Air conditioning transportation with professional driver
~ Package Continental Breakfast
~ Experienced trekking guide (English speaking)
~ Drinking Water
~ Government tax
Price excloudes :
~ Personal insurance
~ Personal expenses and tipping for guide and driver
Suggested clothing for trekking :
~ Sport Shoes, long pants and rain coat

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